Siegeled, Simonized and Such

From Paul Dickson interview on All Things Considered for DRUNK, September 25, 2009, in which Madeline Brand started the trend to create new terms for Drunk from the names of NPR hosts. Dickson tries to point out that these have to have some basis in reality and then it dawned on him that these terms are now swimming around in the minds of NPR listeners.

BRAND: I got one for you.
Mr. DICKSON: What’s that?
BRAND: Robert Siegeled.
Mr. DICKSON: Robert…
(Soundbite of laughter)
BRAND: Let’s add that one in.
Mr. DICKSON: That would – but…
BRAND: Just for fun
Mr. DICKSON: …but nobody – you can’t do that. It has to have a…
BRAND: It’s only for public radio at this time.
Mr. DICKSON: Only for public – Robert Siegeled.
BRAND: I mean, you could do them all, Noah Adamsed. You know, I mean, you could do everybody. You could do anybody. I mean, Scott Simoned.
(Soundbite of laughter)
Mr. DICKSON: Scott Simonized. I mean, you could do anybody.

Listen to the full interview at


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